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Many of us have wondered if the concept of reincarnation is real; have we lived before in other lifetimes? I am sure that some of us have also wondered if that beloved family pet from childhood could perhaps be reborn and once again be a part of our world. I know that I certainly have. Cameron explores these ideas and more in A Dog’s Purpose, a heart-warming, touching and often amusing novel about a dog that seeks it’s purpose over several lifetimes.

Told through the dog’s eyes, I was reminded of Anna Sewell’s 19th century classic Black Beauty in a way, as Cameron certainly brought to light issues in regards to the relationship between humans and dogs – for example love and loyalty between human and animal as well as animal welfare issues.

With his use of one dog’s soul over several lifetimes (the dog can remember past lives) , Cameron goes one step further to explore more existential questions such as why we (or dogs) are here and what is our purpose (if any). Like Black Beauty, the dog in Cameron’s novel is a product of its birth and fate-driven journey of life, in which serendipity sometimes somes into play. The novel is not subtitled “A Novel for Humans” for nothing: are we also not products of our birth and how much control over our life do we actually have? Black Beauty and the dog in its various incarnations are at the mercy of the human world and there is no argument that we have a lot more control over our existence than they do, the question is just how much. A Dog’s Purpose is about interpersonal relationships between people (whether canine or human) and how we (even a humble dog) can create change, hopefully better, in someone else’s world.

A quick, page-turning read that I couldn’t put down. A must-read for anyone that shares their life with dogs.

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