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I came across this book in a new age store in Canmore a couple of weeks ago. I was in Canmore for real estate matters and also to shop for Josh’s birthday present and a wedding gift for a wedding that coming weekend and I was feeling aggravated from work issues, plus I hate shopping for gifts when I only have so much time (and money).

Written by John C. Parkin, a 20 year practitioner of Eastern wisdom, “Fuck It” gives us a way to respond to our increasingly complicated and stressful Western lives. This book expresses Eastern spiritual concept of letting go and living in the now in a way that is inspiring and humourous.

One of the problems with people, myself included, is that we worry about everything too much and are always focusing on the “shoulds” and our problems and concerns, including what other people think of us and things that we have no control over. This is not helped by society as we are bombarded with guilt and “told” that we should live a certain way. There is the pressure to “keep up with the Jones’es” so to speak, guilt to reduce our carbon footprint, guilt to lose weight and eat right among other things.

The Fuck It Way tells us to say “Fuck It” to all this. It tells us that we should say “fuck it” to all the “shoulds” in our lives and do what we want and not care what other people think (as often what other people think, do and say is a result of their issues and inability to say “fuck it”). Now this does not mean that we are to give up being responsible or take on a life of crime, but rather to not micromanage our lives so much and be more accepting and in the “now” and not so fixated on outcomes. It is certainly true when they say “life is a journey and not a destination.”

My big “fuck it” moment was when I quit being a legal assistant to become a real estate agent and a year or so later I decided that I would always make sure that I did something I enjoyed. I said “fuck it” when I hired a cleaner, deciding that I would rather spend that time that would have been spent on housework playing music, riding or even enjoying a good book.

I still have a way to go as I stress over not exercising enough, eating right or spending enough time on my business – precious time better spent doing something else!

I recommend “Fuck it” for those looking to make some changes in their outlook on life and more information can be found at www.thefuckitway.com You can also take a “Fuck It Week” in Italy at the author’s retreat www.thehillthatbreathes.com

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